Thursday, July 4, 2013

What is this, anyway?

The Neurocomplimenter is a new project designed to counter gratuitous anti-neuroscience sentiment.  It’s part of my campaign to combat pop neurobashing profiteers.

The Neurocomplimenter

It’s here!


I’m starting a backlash against the fashionable anti-neuro backlash. I’m tired of the relentless assaults on some cartoon version of neuroscience, and having our own critiques of specific studies, faulty statistical practices, and glitzy media coverage used against us. After over seven years of critical neuroblogging, it’s time to highlight the positives: meet The Neurocomplimenter.

"That was a fantastic study! Good show!"

The project started with two inaugural posts hosted at a different locale:

From now on, the occasional neurocomplimentary pieces will appear on this site.

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